Thrive to Survive welcomes and appreciates any type of monetary donation to support adults with cancer. Please contact us at: or use Paypal link below to contribute directly to Thrive to Survive. Thank you for your support.

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Making a difference in the life of an adult with cancer...our vision of hope!! Making a difference in the life of an adult with cancer...our vision of hope!!

Getting Involved

Create your own Fund Raiser to benefit Thrive to Survive

Are you looking for a way to help Thrive to Survive? How about creating your very own benefit fund raiser for Thrive to Survive? There are so many unique ways to fund raiser. Here are a few to spark your creativity.

  • Host a Garage Sale
  • Organize a sporting event: golf, lacrosse, hockey, etc.
  • Request a dress down day at work
  • Host a quarter auction
  • Host a car wash
  • Host a Chicken BBQ
  • These are just some fun ideas. If you are interested in creating your very own fund raiser, please download our Community Fundraiser Application and Guidelines below. Fill out the application and email back to us at:

    Community Fund Raiser Application & Guidelines

    Spread the Word

    We need you for Thrive to Survive to help adults with cancer. Help us by spreading the word of Thrive to Survive. Talk to everyone you know about the mission of Thrive to Survive. Feel free to share our website and contact information.

    Also, if you know of someone with cancer, and feel comfortable sharing their contact information, call (315) 374-0626 or send an email to and we will reach out to them directly with a special pick me up note, Thrive to Survive program information, and a gift card for gas, groceries or a local restaurant. Thrive to Survive wants to reach out to the community to discover what is needed and make a positive difference.


    Thrive to Survive is actively reaching out to the community requesting volunteer support. Thrive to Survive will form teams to develop fund raising ideas, events, and to provide personal support to adults with cancer.

    If you have are interested in volunteering or have any questions, please contact us at: